It’s like a world unto itself – Sony’s MASSIVE 4K World Booth at ProFusion

In all the previous years of holding ProFusion tradeshows, there’s never been anything quite like this. It’s Sony’s colossal 2,000 square foot 4K World Booth. The best way to describe 4K World? It’s simply out-of-this-world!

Not only is it massive in size, showcasing all the latest Sony cameras and gear. The booth itself will be overflowing with talent for the entire two days of the Show. Just look at the lineup.

Nigel Akam – From commercials to green screen, see the F55 – in the hands of an experienced DoP and an early adopter of the F55 – in action.

Check out Nigel’s Demo Reel here

Artist/filmmaker Corey Trepanier, will showcase footage of Canada’s wild north. And address the challenges he encountered on his expedition to film Canada’s highest mountain, Mount Logan.

National Geographic veteran David McLain will showcase stunning video coverage he shot with the Sony A7S of the World Cup in Brazil. See how the A7S delivers 4K video featuring astounding colour depth and detail.

Keynote speaker Alister Chapman will step down from the podium on the Main Stage to take up residence in the Sony booth, where he will talk about his experiences with the F55, discuss the differences between custom mode and Cine EI, as well as conduct seminars.

Francois Gauthier will deliver an insightful overview of the PXW family of Sony camcorders.

Also in the booth, you can also catch a review of Sony’s new UWP-D Series wireless microphone systems.

Keep in mind, this is all happening within the confines of Sony’s 4K World booth. Like we’ve been saying, “It’s a show within a show” or more accurately, “A show within a show within a show within a show”.

Whatever you do – don’t be a no-show.

Roland rolls out their new matrix video swticher at ProFusion

ProFusion is like having the best of NAB, Cinegear, IBC and Photokina under one roof. It’s a tradeshow that’s literally jam-packed with the latest in photo and video gear. Take the Roland booth as one example. There, the folks at Roland will be showcasing their new line of matrix video switchers, featuring the XS-84H.

The Roland XS-84 is capable of switching four video sources as a group enabling the use of up to two 4Kinputs. The multi-format capabilities allow the user to switch 4K, HD, SD, XGA and other computer formats up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA).
Ideal for users in multiple applications the Roland XS series can switch between and route HDCP video from computers, smart phones, Blu-Ray, and even still images from its internal memory to displays.
For teleconferencing applications, the Roland XS series features four internal busses each for video and audio. The switcher can be used to create minus-one audio to feed directly into existing teleconferencing systems and to switch up to eight computer and video devices in both analogue and digital formats. A built in audio ducking function lowers other audio levels when microphone audio is detected making it ideal for conference or boardroom environments.

And here’s the best part. The XS-84H, along with all the other products in the Roland booth, aren’t just for looking at. They’re there for hands-on use. So go ahead, play away to your heart’s c

Meet Our Presenters: Billie Chiasson

“My heart and soul can be found in the images I capture” Billie is a Portrait and Fashion photographer located out of Toronto, ON. Her style is unique and is often described as nothing less than “beautiful”.

Meet Billie Chiasson


What is your background/education?

I worked in finance for 8 years prior to taking on photography as a full time career. Photography for me over the years went from a hobby to being a tangible career.

How did you get your start as a photographer, did you have a special mentor?

I started photography 6 years ago whenever I picked up a digital camera to take photos of my brother, father and I. I went from taking photos of nature, family to eventually finding my signature in body work and fashion. I did not have a special mentor.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the people I photograph. It’s important for me to capture the individuals essence I am shooting and to focus my attention on incorporating their raw sensuality into the images.

Who are your favourite photographers?

My favourite photographer is Steve Richard out of Halifax, NS.

What has been your most memorable (crazy, interesting, amazing or inspiring) photography experience?

When I shot the cover for ACF, it was an incredibly bleak day (barely any sunlight) & as a natural light photographer I have learned to work with the elements at hand. As we were shooting the cover shot the sun peaked through the clouds for 2 minutes, which gave me enough time to frame and get the shot I desired. We had perfect even lighting and the sun created a beautiful halo to accentuate the models hair and it created an extra dynamic of separation and beauty in the image. I felt as though that was the universes way of telling me that it wanted it to be beautiful. I just needed to capture it.

What do you think contributed to your success after just 6 years as a photographer?

I never settled for less then what I wanted in the images and I worked several jobs (full time) prior to being confident enough to pursue photography on a full time basis. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a significant amount of growing to do and am very much looking forward to that growth. I also focused a lot of my energy on my own work and putting my heart and soul into what I was doing and making sure it was a positive focus and drive in my life. It’s also important to treat the people you work with, with the respect and dignity they deserve. A positive attitude and signature in your work will get you far.

What has your greatest career accomplishment been to-date?

I think the slow and steady incorporation of a signature into my work has been a valuable accomplishment that will follow me into the next 10-30 years of my career if I’m fortunate enough.


What are some of your biggest challenges? How do you overcome them?

I think that the biggest challenge in the industry is incorporating your signature and your work into the area and location you live in without compromising the integrity. I sometimes have to ask myself, do I want to do this professionally? How do I incorporate this into the Canadian market? What do I need to showcase to clients to stand out so that I am able to be successful? It’s always a give and a take and a constant evolution of your skill. You have to be mutable for your clients.

Do you have any advice for photographers starting out?

Give yourself the valuable time needed to build your skill and a signature in your work. If you need to get a full time job, part time job, do whatever is needed to invest in the quality of your work. Quality over quantity.


Tell us a little about some of your favourite photo gear.

My favourite source of light is a window and it’s very rare that I will ever shoot with strobes. I recently have acquired a Olympus OM-1 film camera with a 50mm 1.8 that I am in love with. I’m also a huge sucker for prime lenses. My kit consist of : 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 & the 100mm 2.8 Macro. My camera bodies are: Canon 5D mkii and a Canon 5D (Original).

What is your favourite photo accessory, other than your camera?


If you had to choose just a single camera and lens would it be and why?

Right now, I would say it is my film Olympus OM-1 film camera.

What can ProFusion attendees expect from your seminars?

To learn a little bit more about natural & available light and how to incorporate that into the fashion, portrait, lingerie and body work they do already!


Creating Photographic Moments
Thursday October 16, 2014 |  9:00am-12:00pm
Presenter: Billie Chiasson

Learning to Shoot Lingerie and Fine Art Nudes
Thursday 16 | 3:00pm-6:00pm
Presenter: Billie Chiasson

Profoto. We couldn’t land a better name for ProFusion

Profoto is big with pro photographers. Which is why Profoto is always a big draw at ProFusion. And once again, Profoto will be there in a big way.

For ProFusion 2014, Profoto will be showcasing a great line-up of Profoto Lighting Equipment. Even better, renowned fashion photographer Miguel Jacob will be shooting at the booth using the B1 Air and Profoto light shaping accessories.

Miguel Jacob at ProFusion 2014

And as if that’s not reason enough to drop by their booth, they’ll be featuring Billingham bags and SIRUI Tripods. You could even walk away with a SIRUI tripod as a prize giveaway.
There’s big news, too. Profoto is using ProFusion to officially launch their brand new Profoto Air Remote TTL for Nikon. So be sure to check out that new product, as well.

All in all, there’s lots going on at ProFusion – Profoto is just one of many outstanding booths.

Upping the Cool Factor at ProFusion

Can you think of another camera or, for that matter, a line of cameras that have stirred the souls of photographers and reignited their passion for taking photos like the Fuji X-series?

Fuji X Series

Not likely, at least not in recent memory.

Partly, it’s because the X-Series cameras – the X-T1, X-E2, X30, X100s and the new X100T – are as much a conversation piece as a capture device. With its retro charm, it’s a camera people love to look at and talk about.

And there’s more to love than its undeniable charisma. Ask anyone who’s been fortunate enough to shoot with a Fuji X-Series and you’ll likely hear, ‘My Fuji captures stunning images with colour reproduction that borders on the unbelievable’.

Wouldn’t you jProFusion_640x640ust love to get your hands on one? You can and you will just by attending ProFusion, where you’ll get your fill of Fuji, along with hundreds and hundreds of other cameras.


More news from Sony at ProFusion

He likes you. He really really likes you.


David McLain is a globe-trotting photojournalist turned videographer who has built a career telling stories visually. He tells real stories of real people, most frequently for National Geographic.

And more often, his creative tool of choice is the Sony A7. He loves its small, compact size, but knows he’s not compromising on quality.

Or as David would say, “Imagine traveling with a small camera kit that weighs less than 5 pounds and produces photographs worthy of a National Geographic. Imagine being able to wander the city shooting all day, or climb to the top of a mountain, and not have an aching back?”


As a guest lecturer at ProFusion 2014, David will share his many other reasons for carrying the Sony A7 as well as his experiences as a photographer and filmmaker. Visit Sony’s 4K World booth at ProFusion, where you can catch David giving one of his two fascinating workshops – yes, right in the booth.

To see more of McLain’s work, visit his website at

What’s shaking at ProFusion 2014

Matter of fact, there won’t be any shaking going on at the Tiffen booth — thanks to the full line of Steadicam units on display. If you’re in the market for a Steadicam Pilot, Scout HD, or Zephyr HD, ProFusion is the place to get it. There will be unbelievable rebates during the show.

While you’re at the Tiffen booth, check out these all-new Steadicams. The Curve is a hand-held stabilizer designed for use with the GoPro HERO. There’s also the very cool Steadicam Solo that can be used with a vest or as a monopod to stabilize DSLRs and camcorders.


Get the lowdown on Lowel.


At the Tiffen booth, you’ll also find the latest from Lowel Lighting, like the Lowel Blender 3 light Kit — perfect for today’s run-and-gun shooters who can easily find themselves in a variety of lighting sources during the course of their day. The Blender 3 light kit is the lighting solution that features 2 sets of LEDs, in Tungsten & Daylight colour, which are quickly & easily blended to your desired colour output.

There’s more from Lowel. The SlimLight Interview Series includes 4 new kit combinations, designed to give you versatile, creative lighting options in a sleek, easy to carry package.

Lowel are calling their new Prime Location their most rugged LED system yet. With its sturdy all metal construction, you can put a lot of light where you need it, with less concern about the elements.

The Lowel PRO Power LED is the perfect solution to run-and-gun location lighting. Its powerful output and wide focus range fresnel lens means you can light from a greater
distance, allowing you to get more of the location in your shot.

No big deal if you miss IBC in Amsterdam

Right now, the world’s leading manufacturers are gathered in Amsterdam where they are launching new gear at IBC, including Sony with a crop of new cameras. But if you can’t make the flight to Amsterdam, not to worry. In a month’s time, you can hop a taxi or take the subway to Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre and see most of the same gear.

emailheader-GET YOUR TICKET

You can’t miss the Sony booth at this year’s ProFusion (October 15 & 16). We mean that in a literal sense. Covering 2,000 square feet of the ProFusion tradeshow floor, it will be near impossible to miss it. In fact, Sony’s “4K World” booth is, in itself, a reason to visit ProFusion. The booth is like a separate tradeshow, packed with new gear, including all the new cameras Sony is launching this week at IBC.

There’s more.


Alister Chapman, acclaimed cinematographer, storm chaser, and keynote speaker at this year’s ProFusion, will be a standard fixture at the Sony booth. Alister, as some of you might know, is a Sony Independent Certified Expert. Why not join him in the booth? He’ll be discussing XAVC workflows and showcasing all the new Sony cameras, including the PXW-X180, PXW-X70, the PMW-F55 and all the new releases at IBC. Find out more about his keynote and get your tickets here.

“If it’s new and exciting and you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you’ll get to see it launched at ProFusion.” We’ve said it in the past, and that statement has never been truer than it is today. This year’s ProFusion promises more Canadian premieres than ever. Don’t miss it.

ProFusion Rocks

Canon is revving it up for ProFusion 2014. This year, at the bigger better Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Canon booth will be rocking big-time.

Talk about interactive! Not only do you get to play with Canon gear you get to play with it in a real-life music video production.


Are you ready for this?

Momo & Crila, renowned Quebecois artists and Canon aficionados, will stage a music video shoot. As a ProFusion attendee, you will have the opportunity to test-drive each of the three types of cameras used during this simulated shoot.

Crila and a small accompanying band will perform while Momo provides you with tips on how to get truly artistic shots.

And it’s broadcast live! Demo cameras will feed monitors, providing audience-members and passers-by with a first-hand look at what’s being shot.

There’s more, Crila, an acclaimed fashion photographer, will conduct a fashion shoot with a live model. You want to know what lenses work best for fashion photography? The Canon booth is where you want to be. Come out and try out a Canon lens or two. There’ll be plenty there to try on for size.

If you get the feeling that the Canon booth is going to be STACKED with gear – you’re right. Whether you’re into photo or video, there’ll be everything there to help you find the right tool for the right job.

And there’s more! What Canon is doing can’t be contained in a single booth. Canon are also sponsoring not one, but TWO Keynotes on the main stage –

#1 World-renowned blogger and YouTuber, Corey Vidal, will speak about his production methods which include a DSLR, Camcorder and Cinema EOS cameras depending on the circumstance.

#2 J. Joly, President and COO of Cinecoup, will discuss Cinecoup’s new partnership with Canon and the upcoming season of competition. For those who don’t know, Cinecoup is a company that runs an online reality show for filmmakers, the winner of which receives one million dollars towards their first film.

Bottom line, the Canon booth is going to be huge. And it’s just one part of what’s going on at ProFusion 2014.


Shure logo tagline_black Getting the right mic is a SHURE thing at ProFusion 2014. The list of vendors who will be showing off their wares at ProFuison 2014 is growing. Shure was there last year and are looking forward to presenting new gear this year. If you’re not sure about which microphone to use with your DSLR or want to know how to mic your interview subject with the best possible sound, head straight to the Shure booth. No doubt you’ll see these latest offerings from Shure –their VP83 and VP83F Lenshopper Camera-Mount Condenser Microphones. VP83F_Lifestyle_WithFur_LR Designed to improve audio from DSLR cameras and camcorders, Shure Incorporated offers the VP83 LensHopper™ Camera-Mount Condenser Microphone and the VP83F with integrated flash recording. Read more

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